Gözde Atalay


I am leaving…

by Zo

A solo theatrical clown performance


How many times have you thought about leaving everything behind and just go?

Have you ever done it?

photo: Jana Rothe

«Zo» pulls us into her world, her agony is to leave.

We see her at the airport, she reaches the check in.

She threatens us that she will leave.  But the obstacles she meets will stop her for a while and  the audience`s reactions detour her from her main goal.

Is she really leaving or is she playing with us?


Performer:  Marina Mavrogeni  | Co-director: Gözde Atalay



# 1st prize at the 1st Contemporary Cabaret Festival in Red Jasper Theater, Athens 2022

Trailer by Proto Draft Productions

The Requiem of Sophie Withman

Sophie Withman loves fame,romance, stories that end tragically. Reality is deceiving, so she wrote her very own tragedy, and night after night, she brings it to life on stage.

photos:Eirini Vanikioti, Jana Rothe, C.Klettermayer

You may think you are in for a jazz concert, but a raging melodrama is what it is. Consider yourself warned: it will end in a bloodbath!

Megalomaniac and mediocre, Sophie Withman is an ambitious yet frustrated diva. Selfproclamed queen of the night, she longs for a life of fame and heartbreaks.

She aspires to a life of success where Shirley Bassey’s career, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s royal family, and the tragicfate of Juliette intersect. But behind her vanity hides a powerful melancholy.

Through Sophie’s absurd and hilarious delusions, the show presents a woman who relentlessly fantasizes about the life she can never have, a woman who has lost her way in the schemes of the great myths of love.

GENRE Clown / musical / interactive

Created and Performed by  Clémence Caillouel

Co-director                           Gözde Atalay

Production:                           LA VOLADA

sophie morte
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Performers: Laura Stefanidis, Thanos Sioris, Stella Evangelia, Eleni Hiotaki, Marina Mavrogeni, Aggeliki Patsatzi, Panagiotis Kalogeropoulos

Direction: Gözde Atalay , Panagiotis Kokkoris



POLKA FURIOSA is a street show  full of slapsticks and emotions. The artists Raffaela and Olive and the barrel organ player Hubert try toperform their Polka show.
However, the well-timed show slowly but surely goes off the rails. Surprising conflicts lurk everywhere, which, with playful ease, dramatically existential dance steps and meticulously rehearsed sequences, end in catastrophic acrobatic . But the show must go on. Let yourself be carried away by this colorful and turbulent show.
Performers: Arne A. Theophylline, Caroline Klein, Laura Stefanifis
Co-director: Gözde Atalay


Queens is a show about an empire on the point of collapse. Throughout history empires have fallen  and this current empire, the one we live in, with global warming, famine, disease, huge inequalities, a rise in populism, celebrity figures and decadence has all the signs of following suit.

Queens is a critique of our system and the inevitability of its demise, but more importantly it is a critique of our participation in this system. Through the show we look at our role in the system – how we feed it and it feeds us – and how although we may have idealised views  of changing our behaviour, of creating a new system, of giving it all up for an alternative life, the reality is we are trapped in a consumerist cycle with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome and don’t we just love it!
Through a very public self-analysis, Clémence and Sarah describe how they made the show Queens and through this reveal the dark, ugly sides o f themselves; their competitiveness, prejudices and survival of the fittest mentality. They question which behaviour is conditioned by society and what is innately human and therefore inevitable. Queens is a tragic show. It doesn’t have a happy ending. Empires have always grown but
none have been as big, as global, as self-destructive as this one – so when it breaks, and it will break, it will be worse than anyone ever imagined and when it gets to this point, perhaps the best thing to do is to…well… erm….maybe we can just…erm…perhaps
uh..well…you know… maybe let’s just have a cup a tea.

Concept & Creation : Gözde Atalay, Clémence Caillouel, Sarah Calver
Direction:  Gözde Atalay
Performers: Clémence Caillouel, Sarah Calver
Costume Designer and Economic Advisor: Eva Nalbach
Video Artist: Hugo Reis , Photos and video: Hugo Reis, Aureo Gomez

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