Gözde Atalay
NOMAD Performance

NOMAD Performance



Nomad is a physical theatre performance centered in the experiences of Ayşe, an immigrant woman in Europe. Through movement, comedy and tragedy we explore the experience through the point of Ayşe and the two institutional monsters, Eric  the policeman  and immigration officer and the Paper Creature, an absurd embodiment of bureaucracy.

Nomad  is about immigration and the experience of a woman immigrant. It is a piece based on a real story.

The play tells the story of a Turkish woman “ Ayşe” who moved to a new country in Europe with excitement and hope, but finding herself in a pit of obstacles. In this new world, where the rules are different and the environment and language are foreign, our heroine, who struggles with bureaucratic barriers, goes on an endless paper collecting adventure.  As she collects paper, she is asked to give more of herself and her life each time.

This performance is dedicated to migrants, who have lived the experience of paperwork, clerks and survival in a foreign country.  The period of waiting administrative limbo -which can last years- is the bureaucratic encounter which may cause a lot of oppression and limitations in immigrant life.


Created and  Performed by Gözde Atalay
Directed by  Carolina Ortega 

photos: E.Vanikioti |Underskin

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